Urban Mobility Policy in Tbilisi

Photo Credits: Nano Zazanashvili, 2020

About the Text

In this text I offer an overview of a rather short history of urban mobility policy in Tbilisi. I pay particular attention to the contradictory nature of new urban mobility paradigm that Tbilisi Municipality has been implementing over a few years already. On one hand, the overall aim of the new mobility planning policy is to provide a properly functioning public transit system, a public good that is essential for the city. However, there is a clear neoliberal approach in the overall urban governance and policymaking that alieanates and excludes vulnerable groups of society, instead of dealing with their everyday challenges. The evergrowing tide of suburbanisation and real estate speculation encouraged by the lack of regulations or municipal ownership, can be seen as potential dangers to any attempt to turn towards sustainable urban mobility and governance.

Full text (in Georgian) is available at the online publication Publika webiste.

I want to thank Nano Zazanashvili and Gvantsa Nikolaishvili for their valuable comments and insights while working on this text.

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