First Channel - Cities and Pandemics



About the Interview

The pandemic had just begun and not much was known about the contributing factors to the spread of the infection, uncertainty prevailed. Some of the novel research had started to come to light about the interconnection between urban life and the new pandemic.

Against this backdrop, at Z.axis we published an article, trying to reflect on some of the local specificities of the Georgian urban context and attempted to analyze some of the possible scenarios of how the pandemic would unfold. This was rather a modest contribution about the new everyday life that intented to address the existing knowledge gap and uncertainty in the society. A group of producers of a TV/Radio programme called "#Darchi Sakhlshi" (translated as Stay Home) from the Georgian Public Broadcasting company, First Channel reached out for the interview.

In the interview, I talk about our methodology and using the example of Tbilisi, explained some of the factors that could contribute to the spread of the virus in an urban setting.

Giorgi Kankia
urban geographer and planner
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