Identifying Spatial Patterns


I have recently graduated from a master's degree programme in Urban and Regional Planning at Stockholm University. I hold another Master's degree in planning from the University of Granada. As for the experience in the field, I have worked for a few years on spatial planning projects and research initiatives in Georgian context, mostly using GIS and spatial modelling. My research interests include mobility infrastructures, networks, segregation and planning practice. I have a strong interest in data analysis and visualization as well and am running a very cool project, such as z.axıs. Drop an email for a possible collaboration.


  • MSc in Urban and Regional Planning, 2021

    Stockholm University, Sweden

  • MA in Urban Planning, 2015

    Universidad de Granada, Spain

  • BSc in Human Geography, 2011

    Tbilisi State University, Georgia


Public Appearances

Talking about our cyclability analysis of Tbilisi at Euronews Georgia

On bicycles as an alternative to dominant urban mobility forms in Tbilisi and how the hilly terrain may not be that big of a deal.

How Pandemics Change Cities

Public Talk (in Georgian) at Green Academy 2020 - Panel “The Role of the State (or Its Absence) in the City.

Research Talk at Iliauni

Public Talk (in Georgian) at Iliauni Research Seminar Series - “Tbilisi as a Space for Urban Encounters”.

Recent Publication[s]

Stockholm’s New Golden Bridge:

A material infrastructure, fluid assemblage or megaproject?

Social Infrastructure of Mobility and Residential Spaces

This research deals with the everyday dependence on mobility infrastructures from the IDPs’ perspective in Tbilisi.


Visual [spatial] representation of data

Exactly, how hilly is Tbilisi for cycling?

Not as much as one would expect!


[Spatial] inequalities brought to light by the pandemic


Uneven population geography [in Georgia]

Urban Infrastructures

The [in]visibility of networked infrastructures and [their] interruption

Interactive Visuals

Georgia on Fire

Mapping fire prevalence using

Mkinvartsveri (Mount Kazbegi) 3D


მეტეორების წვიმა

მეტეორების ცვენა დედამიწაზე 1583-2012 წლებში

Population Lines

Science inspired by art

Before and After

The anthology of spatial change and the right to the city - Documenting urban spatial changes in favor of select few to the detriment of public interests

University Metro Station

Tbilisi version of Transit-Oriented Development

AXIS Towers

The story of how private capital appropriated public space

Heroes' Square

Overpriced infrastructure and natural hazard