Walk 21 Bogotá - Tbilisi as a Walkable City

A Global Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility


About the Talk

Walk 21 is a global conference on sustainable urban mobility thriving to make cities more walkable. The conference is held annually in different parts of the world and gathers leaders from governments, decision makers, researchers and other stakeholders involved in turning cities into pedestrian-friendly urban environment.

he 2018 edition of the conference was held in the Colombian capital city Bogotá. Over the last decades Bogotá has become a successful case in South America and beyond as a city moving away from car-oriented murban mobility planning shifting the paradigm towards more sustainable, human-centered built environment.

I was lucky enough to have given the opportunity to present the research poster about the walkability audit I co-led at "Iare Pekhit". The study was conducted throught the Vake neighbourhood in Tbilisi, with the support of the municipality. The poster session gathered like-minded researchers with diverse background in urban mobility studies from all over the world representing universities, research and civic organizations and even private companies. The conference was a great opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences with other participants.

The poster with high resolution is given below. The interactive map shows the barriers which the project participants came across while walking in the streets throughout the research period.

Posing with the Poster at Walk 21
Poster with High Resolution

Giorgi Kankia
urban geographer and planner
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