Euronews Georgia - Urban Cycling in Tbilisi



About the interview

Euronews Georgia reports (in Georgian) on recent developments introduced by the Tbilisi Municipality regarding the cycling mobility action plan. The report includes a brief input from my side as the author of the analysis. More specifically, I looked at how hilly Tbilisi's streets and main avenues actually are and whether it would make sense to plan bicycle infrastructure there. We published the map on Z.Axis facebook page in August 2020. The map shows the slope of every street in Tbilisi and while some parts seem to be too hilly for a cyclist to use on everyday basis, major avenues and urban roads are perfectly fit for bicycle infrastructure. The city administration should use this to their advantage and push harder for the bicycle use in Tbilisi, which could be a perfect alternative for motorised mobility at least for trips of 3-5 km. Currently, the majority of trips made by car is indeed over short distances. You can see the publication below ↓

Giorgi Kankia
urban geographer and planner
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