Old Topos

Relief Exaggeration and Beauty

I rendered some of the historical maps of Georgia and its regions in 3D. There are British, French, German, US and Soviet-made vintage and topographic maps that look stunning with an exaggerated relief, clouds and lighting source.

French Map of the Caucasus, 1844
German Map of the Caucasus, 1872
British Map of the Caucasus, 1900
US Topo Eastern Georgia, 1968
US Topo Western Georgia, 1980
US Topo Tbilisi, 1950s
Great Soviet Atlas - Geological Map, 1939
Great Soviet Atlas - Geomorphological Map, 1939
Soviet Topo Javakheti, 1978-1985
Soviet Topo Javakheti, 1982-1984

Tools Used: ArcMap; Qgis; Blender; Photoshop
Data: SRTM Elevation, David Rumsey Map Collection, NAPR, maps.vlasenko.net
Giorgi Kankia
urban geographer and planner